Wishes Fulfilled: Manifest with Statements of ‘I Am’

Posted on March 8, 2012


Wayne Dyer’s new book, Wished Fulfilled, and the new PBS Special of the same name are about how to manifest or create the life you have always wanted. Wayne has spoken and written about this topic for years, including You’ll See It When You Believe It and Manifest Your Destiny. What makes this new book project significant is his emphasis on the declarative and creative statements of “I Am”.

Wishes Fulfilled is focused on the thoughts, feelings and actions we experience regarding the defining self-concepts that we have. It is our own limiting beliefs that contribute to the current condition of our lives.  Wayne advises that a huge shift must take place in order to truly create the life we have always wanted. We must open our hearts to a life where anything is possible. We must change our minds about what we believe to be true. Wayne describes this shift as recognizing the truly formless and infinite part of us. He further defines this new recognition as our connection to spirit. Once we achieve union with our higher self (or as Wayne puts it, our highest self) and align our intention with the Infinite than we will come to the realization that we are Divine.

You get what you are not what you want.

Through realizing our own divinity, the importance of “I Am” statements are evident because they are the creative life force that manifest in physical form. Our self-declarations of sickness, health, love, esteem or wealth truly define our experience because the Universe brings us things, people and events that are congruent with these declarations.

A couple of ideas from Wishes Fulfilled resonated with me:

Petition prayers are statements of what is lacking in our life. When we pray for the things that are missing or that we would like to see show up, we are asserting that we do not have them. Instead, pray as though the prayer has already been answered. In doing so, the prayer becomes a statement of what you have and of who you are.

Know and feel that you are Divine. Every part of your being is a reflection of God. It can be no other way because God is everywhere and in everything. Our purpose is to truly feel our divinity and to act in accordance with that feeling. I imagine that living from this place is powerful and life changing.

Any judgment, condemnation or criticism prevents you from aligning with God. My belief is that the infinite does not judge, condemn or criticize and when we do, it distances us from Source. Releasing all judgments is a liberating idea. It allows for us to be free of restriction and gives others the freedom to be as they choose.

Wishes Fulfilled presents great ideas about how to align your intention, feelings and being so that you are congruent with the Infinite and able to manifest limitless possibilities. Have you tried to consciously manifest something into your life? I’d love to hear your stories of intention, manifesting and creation.

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