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What Are You Waiting For?

September 4, 2013


Waiting. We have all done our fair share of waiting. Whether it is for a phone call, in a line at the grocery store, to hear from a job prospect or for our annual vacation. Waiting has it’s own emotional charge; from excitement and anticipation to full on annoyance or dread. We can find ourselves […]

Creating Your Reality: Image Boards Are Not Enough

March 6, 2012


Part II ( Part I – Creating your reality in partnership with the Infinite) As a creative being, have you ever wondered why some things manifest in our lives while other things do not? Or why some choices seem to take lots of work and energy while other choices seem effortless? I propose that the […]

Eckhart Tolle at Google Headquarters: Meaning, Purpose and Wisdom in the Digital Age

February 24, 2012


Eckhart Tolle gave an interesting talk at Google Headquarters titled: Meaning, purpose and wisdom in the Digital Age. Bradley Horowitz guides the conversation around the topic of information, technology and awareness. Eckhart speaks of the opportunity and danger of technology and its ability to contribute to our awakening or assist in losing our connection to self. Some highlights […]


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